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Emerging Telephony 2006 gets underway... - Blog.DanYork.com
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Emerging Telephony 2006 gets underway...
And so it begins... met some great folks at the breakfast, including someone working on a project with Mitel, which was nice to see. I'm currently sitting in a presentation with 75 other people on "Ruby on Rails with Asterisk", which is interesting. I don't do much with Ruby or Rails, but it does seem to be an interesting way to more quickly create voice applications (presuming, of course, you are using Asterisk). The "RAGI" code, which is the Ruby on Rails implementation of the Asterisk AGI interface. The code is of course available online.

Today at the conference it is a series of 1.5 hour workshops... but tomorrow and Thursday will be interesting to see from a event programming point-of-view. If you look at the conference schedule, each speaker is only on for 15 minutes. It's not clear to me how this will work so I'll be intrigued to see if it works. It seems to me that the time to get the old speaker off, the new speaker to the podium, get them set up to talk takes a few minutes... but then there is also the content of the talk and potentially time for questions. For instance, on Thursday Phil Zimmerman will speak on VoIP security... with only 15 minutes that's not a whole lot of time! We'll see how it works.

What does work here at the conference is the layout. Kudos to O'Reilly for offering a free (and fast) wireless network and also for putting power bars scattered throughout the session rooms under the tables for everyone to plug in laptop power adapters. Excellent service to conference attendees. I wish all conferences did this.

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