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Returning into the light... - Blog.DanYork.com
Personal journal of Dan York - for my VoIP blog, see www.disruptivetelephony.com
Returning into the light...
It's been a heck of a month...

Although we decided back in January to move from Burlington, VT, to be closer to family and in late March I wrote about the impending changes, it wasn't really until May 2nd when we put our house on the market that the insanity really started. As I noted then, I expected that I'd be doing less writing in the next month across all my various blogs.

That expectation certainly came true.

I wrote practically nothing here, on Disruptive Conversations or on the Voice of VOIPSA weblog. I haven't put out a single Blue Box episode since the end of April (and am up to 3 or 4 now recorded but not post-produced). I wrote a bit over on Disruptive Telephony, but primarily because I was trying to sort out what to do about a landline at the new house. I was writing over on the Voxeo blogs because, gee... that's part of what I'm paid to do! I did keep writing over on my Twitter account... partly as a way to maintain sanity and partly because while I couldn't find the time to crank out full blog posts or podcasts, it was easy to crank out 140 characters from time to time.

But for this past month, I did very little outside of what I needed to do for work... and then the packing... and the zillion little things involved with buying and selling houses. I've generated more faxes in the past 4 weeks than I have in the previous 4 years. The banks are also certainly putting borrowers through an excruciatingly thorough process now. (Gee, a little late, eh?) The VT buyers needed to move up the closing a week which was fine by us but added timing challenges. And inevitably there were a zillion last-minute injections of stress into the process. (For example, we had no clue that we had to close off the fence permit we took out 3 years ago!!) Long days of many hours...

That's over now.

We're now wonderfully settled into our home in Keene, NH. The sale of our Burlington house closed two days ago (Monday) so we now only own one home. Sure, we still have many boxes up on the second floor, but courtesy of my wife's organizational prowess the main part of the house looks great and we can get on with living.

It's time to breathe again.

Yesterday was a bit of a blur as we sort of pinched ourselves and wondered if this was all real. Had we really put our VT house on the market, closed on the house here, moved everything we own and closed on the sale of our VT house... had that all happened in the space of just over a month? Indeed it did.

Today I woke up energized and excited as I haven't been for a bit. Stories to tell... blog posts to write... messages that were put aside to reply to... work projects to launch.

It's good to be back!

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