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Heading to the polls... to work... - Blog.DanYork.com
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Heading to the polls... to work...
In a few minutes I'll be heading off to the Keene Recreation Center, the polling place for my ward of Keene, not to vote, but rather, to work. After reading the many pleas about the need for election workers in what is expected to be a very heavy turnout, my wife and I both signed up to help. She's doing registration of new voters while my role is "working the line". Basically, my task is one of a couple of people asking everyone in line "Are you registered to vote in this ward? Do you still live here?", etc. and then either directing them to the appropriate line or, in some cases, to one of the other voting locations in Keene.

I've never volunteered at an election before, so this should be interesting to see. The process of getting involved was interesting, as well. Very formal pieces of paperwork to sign. Training to go through. Material to read. Badge to wear.

Most of the shifts are 4 hours but I signed on for a two-hour stint first thing in the morning. I have the luxury of having a job where I can "time-shift" my day a bit and instead of starting at my usual 8am, I'll just start a bit after 10am and work later. I can shift things by 2 hours, but 4 hours was too much of a stretch. The city was grateful for whatever help I could provide.

It will be interesting, indeed, to see how heavy the turnout is, today...

"Are you registered to vote in this ward?......"

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AT&T Programming

We just got u-verse and were wondering if you could add RFDTV to your programs. My husband was very disappointed that we changed from DISH for that reason. I read on the Internet you were going to add it before the first of the year. Is that true?
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