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If you are looking for Dan York's writing, try these sites... - Blog.DanYork.com
Personal journal of Dan York - for my VoIP blog, see www.disruptivetelephony.com
If you are looking for Dan York's writing, try these sites...
Hi. You probably wound up here through a Google search for "Dan York" or perhaps some list of blogs out there somewhere. You've found the very occasionally-updated personal blog of the Dan York who lives in New Hampshire, heads up marketing/communications for Voxeo, has been active in VoIP security and VoIP for years, contributes weekly reports on PR/marketing topics to the For Immediate Release podcast and has generally been a prolific writer online for the past decade.

I am not the Dan York who is a radio personality in Providence, RI, nor am I the Dan York who is the radio DJ in Tampa, FL. (What's up with "Dan York"'s in media, eh?) I'm also not the Dan York who is a VP at AT&T working with IPTV, nor the one out there who is a minister.

If you are, though, looking for me, you will find that I don't actually write here at dyork.livejournal.com all that much any more. This was my primary blog site from 2004 up until around 2006 when I split my writing across multiple sites. I still keep this site because from time to time I do have things to post of a more personal nature... and I've had various ideas to do more with it over the years.

In the meantime, though, you can find my writing online at a number of sites, primarily:

  • DisruptiveConversations.com - where I write on topics around the intersection of PR, marketing, communications and "social media"

  • DisruptiveTelephony.com - where I write about communication technology, voice-over-IP, unified communications, telephony, Skype, SIP and more

  • Twitter.com/danyork - since early 2007 I've been using Twitter as a microblogging platform and for a number of different uses. Probably the single best way to see what I'm up to... if you can stand the volume of "tweets".

  • Voice of VOIPSA - a group weblog about VoIP security-related topics for the VoIP Security Alliance, upon whose board of directors I sit

  • Blogs.Voxeo.com - the blog site I operate for my employer, Voxeo. Other people write at the site, too, but I am right now probably the largest contributor. Blogs include:

I also produce or participate in multiple podcasts:

  • Emerging Tech Talk - a periodic video podcast I host and produce where I talk about various topics related to emerging communication technologies

  • Blue Box: The VoIP Security Podcast - Since October 2005, Jonathan Zar and I have been co-hosting a show on Voice-over-IP security.

  • For Immediate Release - Since mid-2005, I have been a "weekly correspondent" into this twice-weekly show contributing a typically 6-8 minute segment into usually the Thursday shows, talking about social media, PR and communication "from a technologist's point-of-view".

My writing can be found on a number of other sites and yes, I'm on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and pretty much most other social networking sites out there. I aggregate much of the content I create on friendfeed.com/danyork which you can also look at.


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