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Luke Armour's "Virtual PR Geek Dinner" - a hilarious Friday laugh...

Luke Armour just posted this hilarious spoof of a "virtual PR Geek Dinner". Living in Ohio far away from the major commerce (and more importantly conference) centers of the East and West Coast of the US, Luke doesn't get many opportunities to meet up with other members of the PR blogosphere ... so he made one up! Taking audio snippets from For Immediate Release and Inside PR, he creates a dinner experience with Shel Holtz, Neville Hobson, Terry Fallis and David Jones. It's quite hilarious... perhaps more so if you know the folks, but I think those who don't will also enjoy it.

Nicely done audio editing... I can't imagine how long it took him to do. It's very nice when we can all sit back and laugh at ourselves. In general, I think we take so much of this world far too seriouslyl... :-)

P.S. David Jones enjoys his role in the piece (he takes a beating).
Tags: david jones, fir, insidepr, luke armour, neville hobson, shel holtz, terry fallis

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