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"Hacking Exposed VoIP" book from McGraw-Hill has a podcaster review quote on front cover - Blog.DanYork.com
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"Hacking Exposed VoIP" book from McGraw-Hill has a podcaster review quote on front cover
If you look at the front cover of "Hacking Exposed VoIP" (either click on the small image to the right or follow this link), you will see a review quote from a certain someone:
If you are a security professional charged with protecting a network infrastructure that includes VoIP, you definitely must read this book! Failure to do so will seriously put your VoIP systems - and your network - at risk!"
-Dan York, Producer and Co-Host, Blue Box: The VoIP Security Podcast
McGraw-Hill left out the first part of what I sent them, namely "This is a dangerous book.". It is a dangerous book, really, because Dave and Mark have brought into one book an amazing amount of information that previously was only found through diligent searching of many places. I stand by my quote - security professionals responsible for the security of VoIP systems really do need to read this book!

On a different note, I have to wonder if this is the first time a review quote from a podcaster has appeared on a published book that does not have anything to do with social media. Quotes from podcasters have been on books about podcasting... and perhaps books on blogging (I don't know, but I could see them there). But I wonder how many review quotes from podcasters have been on books in other fields. There is no way to easily find this info, of course, so I have no clue. Perhaps this book is among the first to feature a podcaster (maybe even the first)... perhaps not. The only reason I mention it is that it really becomes just one more sign of the rise in the recoginition of podcasting and podcasters. Cool to see.

Meanwhile, if you are dealing with VoIP security, you really should buy the book. (And no, I don't receive any income or a kickback for promoting the book. I just think it is an extremely good book.)

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