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Personal journal of Dan York - for my VoIP blog, see www.disruptivetelephony.com
Introducing... the One Feed To Rule Them All.... all Dan York... all the time... :-)
So as I split apart this blog, there's obviously the question - for those few folks out there who for some reason I can't completely understand want to read all my writing, what do they do? How do they follow it all? Do I really want to force them to subscribe separately to a whole bunch of feeds? Isn't there a better way?

Of course there is... introducing the "Dan York - All Feeds" network. I decided to try an experiment with Feedburner's new "Networks" feature and so I created a "network" and then added all of my various blogs to it. The result is a webpage with recent posts and links to the blogs and then an aggregated RSS feed that combines posts in all blogs.

The cool part about the RSS feed is that you can also view it in your web browser. So, for those of you who liked seeing all I write in one place, here it is. Granted, it's not necessarily as nice looking as the text here... but you do get all the content.

The one bizarre aspect was that in order to add all my feeds to the "network", I had to send myself multiple invitations by email. So that was strange. Obviously I'm twisting this a bit from Feedburner's original intent. And no, I'm not going to be running advertising in the feed (although I do occasionally accept advertising into a couple of the feeds).

Anyway, interesting stuff... and feel free to subscribe to the feed if you really want to...

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